The Future

Many new species and new seep sites have been discovered with the development of

Vestimentiferan worms. Photo from NOAA

technology however we have only touched the surface of the processes that occur at cold seep sites. Further study on the ecological, geophysical, geochemical and microbial mechanisms will allow us to gain knowledge of the burrowing organisms which are subject to very anoxic conditions with very high methane levels, when larval dispersal occurs and what effects it. Knowledge on life cycles will also be discovered and also what causes zonation at cold seeps; how and if physical global processes affect the balance of the ecosystem and how the keystone organisms – the bacteria developed to be able to cope with the extreme habitat. The future developments in this field are therefore unclear but it is certain that new ‘alien-like’ adaptations and scientific developments will be discovered, making this extreme marine habitat one to watch!

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