Where are they found?

Worldwide distribution of cold-water corals

Worldwide distribution of cold-water corals. (Freiwald et al. 2004)

Cold-water corals are present in all of the world oceans, mainly found off the edge of continental shelves, fjords and around seamounts and submarine banks (Freiwald et al. 2004). They are thought to be most abundant between 40m to 1000m, (Freiwald 2002; Freiwald et al. 2004; Roberts et al. 2006; Wheeler et al. 2007; Roberts et al. 2009) however, cold-water corals are found at depths up to 5500m (Davies 2010) with the majority of the records between 200-400m (Dons 1944). At these specific depths there is no light, the water is cold, rich in nutrients and opposite to tropical coral reefs which are usually found in relatively shallow, warm and nutrient poor waters.

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